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February, 2017

February Winter Sleigh Event

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Manes & Tails Harness Club
March, 2017

March Sleigh Party
Potluck only, due to lack of snow.

Ken and Kathy Letourneau
Shire Hill Farm
May, 2017

May Drive - moved to June

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Bill and Jean Walton
June, 2017

June Drive


Sharon and Wayne Sarappo
July, 2017
July Drive

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Ken and Kathy Letourneau
August, 2017
August Drive

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Bryan and Mary Hagen

September, 2017

September Drive

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Christ and Sandy Madsen
October, 2017

October Drive

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Wil and Joan Kowalchyk
December, 2017

Christmas Party

Manes and Tails Harness Club