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In Memory of Kenn Kopitzke...
and his many contributions to preserving
our "Horse-Drawn Vehicle" history.

by Carol Gross

For all of us who knew Kenn Kopitzke, he was a special, "Larger Than Life" figure, who will not be easily forgotten. He impacted many people with his infectious enthusiasm for making the past come to life, through his story telling, and his willingness to help people acomplish goals that they may never have thought they wanted to do, or at least would never be capable of doing. He loved an audience, and usually found one wherever he went. He shared his knowledge of many years of researching horse-drawn vehicles and their history, and almost always had a humorous slant to his presentatons. He shared his Wacky Workshop with many people who expressed interest in building carts, carriages and sleighs of many varieties. No problem was too big when it came to restoring a vehicle from what appeared to be junk, or building a replica from a photograph. Kenn never let his physical handicaps interfer with his desire to accomplish his his goals. What he could not accomplish on his own in his latter years, he found could be accomplished by inspiring others, and teaching them all manner of new skills. Kenn was a master teacher. He has touched many lives over the years, and he will live on in the memories of everyone he touched.



Kenn Kopitzke: True Grit - Interview of Kenn Kopitzke by David Nimmer - June 15, 2015